Vendor Information

Trademark Protection

Iowa State University's licensing program is housed under the Office of University Counsel and is administered by the Trademark Licensing Office. Learfield Licensing Partners (formerly known as LRG) is the firm contracted to assist the Trademark Licensing Office in the administration, protection and marketing activities. To maintain consistency in the management of the marks, the university has created Licensing Program Guidelines. Review of these guidelines will benefit any vendor interested in an Iowa State license. Collectively, Trademark Licensing and Learfield Licensing Partners work together to protect all Iowa State marks, including trademarks, servicemarks, mascots, logos, insignias, seal, designs, slogans, and symbols and any derivatives thereof associated with or referring to the university. We require all commercial products with Iowa State marks to display the red, white and blue Collegiate Licensed Products (CLP) label.

Licensing Requirements

To obtain a license to use Iowa State marks, download an application packet at Apply. When your application is approved, Learfield Licensing Partners will send the license agreement. Labeling information is available at CLP Label Information and artwork submissions are available through Learfield Licensing Partners' "The Trademarx Solution" Trademarx® on-line system.