The following words are trademarks owned by Iowa State University regardless of the font in which they appear.


Clone Cone


Cyclone (Including, but not limited to, references to Cyclone Nation, Cyclone Country, Cyclone Football, Cyclone Volleyball, Cyclone Home, etc.)


CyHawk (co-owned with The University of Iowa. Use requires both schools approval)

Hilton Coliseum

Hilton Magic

Hilton South


Iowa State

Iowa State University


Jack Trice Stadium

State (when used in relationship with the University, for example "Go State" or similar uses)


Iowa State University claims the right and ownership to the names, symbols, graphics, logos, trademarks and service marks associated with the university. Most of our marks are federally registered and all are monitored to ensure proper use and protection. The marks listed on this page cannot be used without permission from Trademark Licensing and/or a license agreement in place with Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC).