The trademark licensing office will be closed temporarily while the COVID-19 pandemic is being addressed with social distancing. Staff will be working from home so, if you have questions, please email We will continue to process forms as well. For more information from the university on their COVID-19 response, click here.  
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We are pleased to announce the Internal Trademark Use Request Forms are set up for easy access, online completion, and instant submission for quicker reviews of internal requests. NOTE FOR CHROME USERS: University forms are sometimes not compatible with Chrome. If having issues submitting, please try a different internet browser. You will receive a confirmation screen and email when the form successfully goes through. 

Online Internal Trademark Use Request Forms

Internal Units (departments, programs, affiliates, etc.)

Athletics Department

Organizations (campus and student)

NOTE FOR ORGANIZATIONS: Forms can only be filled out by officers/advisers for the orgs. Discuss with your president/treasurer if they should fill out the form or if they can add you as an officer in the database so you can fill out the form. Also, if intended use of products is for fundraising (resale) activities, student organizations are required to get approval from the Event Authorization Committee (EAC) first. Products can't be produced until the EAC forms are completed. Contact the Memorial Union Event Management Office for more details at

The Form Process

Here's how it works. Before filling out the form, you should select the licensed vendor that will be producing your ISU product. If you have not selected a licensee and need help in this process, call or email the Trademark Licensing Office at 515 294-4402 or With over 600 licensed vendors, we can provide lists of licensees for virtually any product you can dream up.

Before we review your order, we will also need an electronic copy of the design you plan to use. If the licensee you chose is creating the art for you, they will provide this. Please upload the art so it is submitted with your form. A high resolution PDF is the preferred type of document. 

Once you have selected a licensee and have an electronic version of your design, choose the link above that corresponds with your group (Department, Athletics, or Student Organization) and log in using your ISU ID. It is important that you completely fill out the form and specify how you intend to use the items ordered. When you have completed the form and click submit, the form will be sent to the licensing office for review.

Once we have completed the review, an electronic notification will be sent to you and your selected licensee. If there are changes required, those will be specifically listed in the comment section. Minimal changes do not require resubmission of the design. However, substantial changes will require resubmission. We will instruct you and your licensee on the specific changes required to get your design approved. Once the form and design have received a final approval, your licensee will produce your order.

Questions? Call or email the Trademark Licensing Office at 515 294-4402 or We're here to assist you in all aspects of ordering your internal ISU merchandise.

Searchable database of all licensees
Information for student organizations
Information for departments

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